Al Jazeera Forum is the flagship event of Al Jazeera Media Network. It is a unique opportunity through which Al Jazeera showcases its contribution to the world of media and politics. The forum has been running for eight years and has quickly grown from a local activity gathering dozens of guest speakers to an international event bringing together hundreds of participants. Within a few years, it has become an essential part of the international conference calendar with its own flavour and reputation. The first seven editions of the forum were organized by the network’s international relations department. From 2014, Al Jazeera Centre for Studies will host this event and take it further in terms of content, format, structure and organization.

Building on the success of the last seven forums, and keeping in line with Al Jazeera Media Network’s vision to expand dialogue between intellectuals, politicians, policy makers and media experts to provide in-depth understanding of developments around us, this year’s annual forum will discuss the trajectories of and obstacles to change in the Arab world since the start of the Arab revolutions.